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Road closed and hives to be relocated after attacks

Police have closed a road in Jersey following reports of bee attacks. One woman said she needed hospital treatment after she was stung. Mont Huelin, in St Ouen, has been closed for the removal of nine hives, which will be moved further away from the road.

The honorary police said about one million bees were in the hives, and the road would reopen during the weekend.

'Attack pheromone'

They added there had been at least two reports of people being attacked. Beekeeper Bob Hogge said removing bees was a complicated process. He said: "You do it late in the evening when all the bees are home." Mr Hogge said the hive would need to be moved more than 4.5km (2.7 miles) from the site "so that they don't go back to the original site". Mr Hogge said being stung was "a very scary thing", but people should remain calm and avoid flapping their arms.

"Once one stings you, its sting comes out, the bee dies and it produces a pheromone which is an attack pheromone, and other bees will hone in on that."


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