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Plans to turn Jersey's fallen trees into guitars

A man is collecting wood from trees that fell during Storm Ciarán to turn it into guitars.

Hundreds of trees were destroyed in the extreme weather across the island on 1 and 2 November. Hanni Osman has started collecting some of the wood to craft into instruments.

He said: "You see how much these trees means to people and everyone I spoke have a real attachment to the wood that's fallen in their area.

"They're landmark features and have a very special place in their hearts.

"So I thought instead of letting the wood would be chipped away or turned into firewood, I would try to make something good out of this sentimental wood."

Mr Osman is a luthier - someone who builds or repairs string instruments that have a neck and a sound box. He said it will be a long process to create guitars from the collected wood.

"It will take about three to four years before the wood is dry and stable enough to be turned into guitars. "But it will be worth the wait, and the model of the guitar will be called Bel Respiro which means beautiful breath.

"That breath from Storm Ciaran caused more damage than we expected but from it, I hope to make something beautiful."


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