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Jersey residents reminded not to remove gull nests

People in Jersey are being reminded to discourage gulls from nesting on roofs.

Infrastructure and Environment (I&E) reminded islanders that gulls are a protected species, meaning it is an offence to interfere with their nests without a licence.

It said seabird numbers worldwide had suffered significant declines in recent years.

During nesting season, the first chicks are typically seen at the beginning of June.

Officials said people should check their roof for gull activity over the coming weeks.

If a nest is found, residents are advised to take early action by contacting a licenced controller, as once eggs are hatched removing nests will mean killing the chicks.

I&E said removing unintended food sources, protecting rubbish and refraining from feeding the birds can also prevent nesting.

It said uninjured chicks must be left in the care of its parents, while injured gulls should be reported to the JSPCA.


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