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Manifesto Advocates for New Music Venue in Jersey

Musicians in Jersey want a new "high value, multi-purpose" venue in the island to help the industry locally.

The States of Jersey has published its music manifesto, external, which has been created with input from people from the island's music community.

Among the items mentioned in the document, musicians have asked for a new venue which can act as a creative hub and host local and international performances.

The manifesto has also called for a "music strategy for Jersey" to develop the island's music scene, the creation of a "music champion" post within the government and investment in an annual festival.

In October last year, the government asked members of Jersey's music community to contribute to a manifesto to help provide a "unified voice of the music sector".

At the time, the government said an independent music expert had been working with musicians and other stakeholders in Jersey on a first draft of the manifesto.

'Diversify music education'

The manifesto has called on Jersey's government to "formally protect and value the work of musicians" and for "sufficient support at every sector".

Another manifesto point said a "Musician's Charter" should be created that protects and values the work, skills and pay of musicians.

Within education, the manifesto wants music qualifications to be diversified and for investment in resources to improve the quality and access to music education in Jersey.

It has also called for the island's tax and social security system to be reformed so it is "more realistic for musicians and other creatives in the sector to make a sustainable living".

'Just the beginning'

The government's Creative Island Partnership (CIP) - a group formed for people interested in working together to deliver the island's arts strategy - said it was excited about the work ahead that has been mapped out by the manifesto.

"In our eyes, the publication of this manifesto is not the end but the beginning," the CIP said.

"The scope is vast, but we are confident that our partnership model of development, having got us to this point, can continue to move us forward with creativity, integrity, responsiveness and commitment."


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