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Jersey cafe to close after battle with parish

A seafront cafe in Jersey is set to close on Sunday after more than seven years trading at La Pulente slipway.

Owner of the HideOut cafe, Karl Sutton, said the closure was "devastating".

It follows a long-running dispute over lease agreements with the Parish of St Brelade which owns the land at the end of the beach. The Constable of St Brelade, Mike Jackson, said the food kiosk's right to operate in its current position was only ever temporary.

Mr Jackson said: "The planning permission for it existing on that site has run out, in fact it ran out on 24 June so effectively they're squatting on the site."

In a statement on social media, Mr Sutton said: "We have done everything we can to keep the business alive. "We have considered another David and Goliath battle with our elected officials but do not want to do so at a cost to our parishioners.

"With the end of the line in relative sight and no solutions forthcoming from the parish, we have no option but to cease trading."


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