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Part of Beaumont Hill closed almost until December

One of Jersey's busiest roads will be closed during off-peak hours for most of November.

Roadworks are scheduled for 5-26 November along part of Beaumont Hill and La Route de la Haule. The work is in preparation for essential sewage network upgrades. The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Tom Binet, has apologised but said there was a risk of flooding which meant "we need to do something about it as soon as possible".

He said that during heavy rainfall, the pumping station in the area gets overwhelmed because surface water goes into the foul water drains along with sewage water. The island's government says new drainage infrastructure separating foul sewage from rainwater will eventually be installed to increase the capacity of the system and enable new homes to connect in future.

Jersey's transport authorities said to minimise disruption to motorists as much as possible, the work would be completed in stages. It is due to take place outside of peak hours with work taking place 09:00-16:00 GMT on weekdays, and 09:00-18:00 on some Sundays.

The roads will be open as normal outside these hours.

The government said the work planned for November would require the northbound lane of Beaumont Hill to be closed from the filter-in-turn junction on La Route de la Haule to the Beaumont Canon at the junction with La Ruelle es Ruaux and La Rue du Craslin.

It said access to businesses and premises would be maintained throughout the project.

The government said the investigations would help with the design of a surface separation scheme, which would remove rainwater runoff from roads and roofs from the foul drainage network.

The team working on the project said this would reduce pressure on the Beaumont Pumping Station, the liquid waste network and Bellozanne, in addition to increasing capacity for future network requirements.

They said the work was vital for future housing needs, in line with the Bridging Island Plan.


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