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Field 80 Maupertuis Farm

Field 80 – Samarés Lane Islanders Save vulnerable green space in St Clement

The National Trust for Jersey would like to say a huge THANK YOU after it launched a campaign at the end of January to save field 80 in St Clement. Islanders have shown overwhelming support by raising £50,000 within just 37 days. Many of the stories behind individual donations were from residents who have witnessed large scale development in this part of the Island over the years and were keen to protect what open space still remains for future generations.

Donations have ranged in size from £10 to £10,000 in one instance. 84 donations were received from residents in Jersey and 3 from the UK and further afield. The field is next to Maupertuis Farm which has been bequeathed to the Trust and which is the subject of a life interest.

This extra field will allow it to remain viable as a smallholding with space for grazing livestock and will protect it forever from any development. During the campaign, several landowners discussed the possibility of putting restrictive covenants on their land to save from any future development and it is hoped that other Islanders might consider this option as a way of preserving the remaining rural character of St Clement.


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