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Civil service could shrink, chief minister says

Jersey's chief minister has told a scrutiny hearing there could be job cuts to the civil service.

Deputy Lyndon Farnham said the government was planning to curb the use of consultants and fixed-term contracts with outside companies. It comes after new figures showed Jersey's public sector had grown to become the biggest it has ever been.

Mr Farnham said money for essentials such as health and roads would not be at risk.

"We'll be looking at various roles in the cabinet office, including communications and management structures right across the public sector," he said.

"We think that over the years the government has become involved in a growing portfolio of services."

'Possible' job losses

He said the government was "not looking at cutting" but rather "reprioritising work".

"We're not going to be curbing growth or resources in the areas that provide the essential services," he said. Asked whether there could be job losses in the public sector, Deputy Farnham said: "Possibly, I think there could be a resizing.

"During the course of this plan, over the next few months there will a period where we will look at [the specific roles] closely. "We'll need to include in the Government Plan changes to the budget, but it will likely be over the course of the next two years.

"It won't be something we plan to do in one great swathe, but rather an ongoing process of reprioritisation."


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