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Average home spends £901 per week, figures show

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The average Jersey household spent £901 per week in 2021-22, new figures show. The report by Statistics Jersey, external showed total expenditure rose from £761 per week when homes were last surveyed in 2014-15.

Housing, fuel and power made up the biggest proportion of household spending in 2021-22, rising to £266 from £216 per week, or nearly a third of total spending, it said. However, the figures showed overall spending had fallen by 3% in real terms since 2014 due to the impact of inflation.

Transport (£112) and food and non-alcoholic drinks (£101) were the next highest spending categories, the report said.

Spending on health, particularly dentistry, saw the biggest rise in total expenditure at £33 per week in 2021-22, up from £25 in 2014-15, or an increase of 30%, it said. In comparison with the UK, total spending of Jersey households was 66% higher, but the report noted islanders had higher incomes.

Statistics Jersey said spending patterns in Jersey were also likely to have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.


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