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St John Ambulance launches Corporate Partner Programme to counteract 2020!

St John Ambulance has been providing high quality First Aid services to the Island for 136 years. To assist St John Ambulance in its vital charitable work in Jersey we have developed a Corporate Partner Programme. The organisation powered by volunteers are encouraging local businesses to partner with the charity at a strategic level and would like to enter into a three year partnership arrangements where possible.

There are a variety of packages that can be tailored to the individual needs of a sponsor. The packages could include St John Ambulance workplace courses for staff, to train their people in first aid and mental health first aid. The St John Ambulance team hope to work with sponsors to maximise the value of their sponsorship and promote their support accordingly.

St John Ambulance are looking for partners with shared values who are passionate about staff & community mental wellbeing & first aid, to help saves live in Jersey.

‘Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, this year we have lost the majority of our income from event donations and have had to cancel or reduce the number of courses held which together with general donations are our means of financing the annual operating costs of the charity,’ explained Barry Marsden, CEO, St John Ambulance. ‘The success of the Corporate Partner Programme is an important to enable St John Ambulance to continue to support the Island community as we have done in the pandemic. We would like to thank all our volunteers and supporters who make St John Ambulance the unique organisation that it is. We hope local businesses will support this proactive initiative and ‘Be the difference, and help save lives.’

We provide:

High quality courses First Aid and Mental health training. Our dedicated unpaid volunteers provide First Aid cover at public events.

We offer:

Now more than ever our First Aid and Mental Health First Aid Training continues to provide supportive services to individuals, families, clubs and local businesses.


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