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South Hill Gardens preference for skatepark

A survey of Islanders has provided evidence that respondents would prefer Jersey’s main hub for urban sports to be located in St Helier.

The survey, to determine whether Les Quennevais Sports Centre or South Hill Gardens was the preferred site for Jersey’s main skatepark, attracted more than 2,500 responses. When asked ‘Where would you prefer Jersey’s centre for urban sports to be’, the response was:

  • Les Quennevais Sports Centre: 1,011 (40.2%)

  • South Hill Gardens: 1,502 (59.8%)

  • The results have been published, alongside a feasibility study of South Hill Gardens, on

The Assistant Minister with responsibility for sport, Deputy Hugh Raymond, said: “Our objective is to build a modern, accessible and open facility which will become a hub where Jersey’s urban sports can flourish. The survey shows a clear preference for South Hill Gardens, and we are bringing an amendment to the P1/2021, so that the States Assembly can enable us to listen to the public sentiment and build the central skatepark there.

“The survey also demonstrated that skaters wanted satellite facilities in the east and west, and we intend to build a satellite park at Les Quennevais and are considering where the eastern facility should go.

“The survey also indicated that skaters wanted to use the facilities to socialise as well as practice, and that the public shared the Government’s passion for the project. We’re listening to what the respondents have said; there is no change in the Government’s commitment to deliver a skatepark and satellite facilities in 2021.”

The planning application for the central mixed-use park, where skateboarders, rollerbladers, BMXers, scooter riders and others can learn and improve their skills, is expected to be completed and submitted, by the end of the February. The design of the facility will cater for all users of all abilities and create a welcoming place for the public to watch and enjoy urban sports. Before the final design is complete, all users will have the opportunity to shape the specific details to ensure the skatepark meets their needs and expectations. Once the main hub is built, work will focus on creating the satellite facilities.

Details of the results and feasibility study can be found at


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