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Rare Bronze Age spearhead discovered intact in Jersey

A rare and complete metal spearhead dating back thousands of years to the Bronze Age has gone on display in Jersey after being found on the island.

It was discovered on the beach at Gorey by a metal detectorist in August.

Carbon dating on the remains of the wood shaft it was attached to confirmed it was from between 1207BC and 1004BC, Jersey Heritage said.

The "really exciting find" was also "thought to be unique to the Channel Islands and a rare find", it added.


Jersey Heritage archaeology curator Olga Finch said the find was "unique and very rare in terms of its large size and the fact that it is intact".

She said: "This spearhead is completely different from everything else we have so we're wondering if it was deposited as part of a ritual or an offering. "Our next step is to work with experts elsewhere and look at the location of the find to discover what new stories we can find out about the Bronze Age in Jersey."

Museum conservator Neil Mahrer said he had never seen anything like it: "To see this spearhead in one piece was incredible, and the wood inside the spear shaft was so well preserved that we were able to use it to discover that it dated back to over 3,000 years ago."

The wood, field maple - commonly used during the era, was sent to the York Archaeological Trust for carbon dating.

The piece had been put on display at the Jersey Museum & Art Gallery after carbon dating was completed, and in time for its reopening from coronavirus lockdown rules, staff said.

The beginning of the Bronze Age can be put at about 2000BC.


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