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Planning for car spaces need to change - constable

Planning laws need to change to give people more options to park their cars in town, the constable of St Helier has said.

Simon Crowcroft said more parking spaces were needed to meet the demand. Mr Crowcroft said he believed the current system discriminated against people who lived in town, and planning applications for new homes were providing fewer parking spaces than before.

Jersey's government said a new car park was set to open in 2024 to offset the current availability. Constable Crowcroft said: "There's a big one [development] going in for the Anne Street Brewery, which will have far less parking than the number of units, and the roads committee of St Helier objected to that.

"But, as so often happens when we comment on planning applications, that was overruled by planning officers and the planning committee." The government said the refurbishment work on Patriotic Street car park had "impacted the availability of spaces" in St Helier, but a new car park with 138 spaces was due to be opening in March near the centre of town.


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