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Jersey's Financial Intelligence Unit becomes independent from police

Jersey's Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has become operationally independent from the police, the government has confirmed.

The FIU is responsible for the receipt and analysis of suspicious transactions and aims to prevent Jersey's financial services being abused internationally. It had operated as part of the Joint Financial Crimes Unit, but has become independent due to legislative changes. The FIU is the island's only dedicated intelligence agency.

The government said the unit worked "closely with competent authorities around the world to share information that could stop money laundering, terrorist financing and the funding of weapons proliferation".

FIU director Jonathan Groom said the change in legislation would help "grow our own team" and "invest in new systems". He said: "This is a critical milestone for the FIU, the government, and the island, not only in establishing the capability needed to support Jersey's investigative and prosecutorial teams, but importantly to enable us to develop a clearer understanding of the financial crime risk we face both domestically and internationally.

"The key deliverables for the FIU are collaboration and adding value through intelligence insight, and we are focused on delivering a high performing and effective unit that meets the requirements of the many partners and stakeholders across the anti-financial crime landscape."

The FIU now has a separate governance board and reports to Chief Minister Deputy Kristina Moore via the assistant chief minister with responsibility for financial services.


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