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Interim QR code certification for France delayed

Fully vaccinated Islanders who plan to travel to France are advised there is a delay to launching the system to send their interim QR code certificates to prove their COVID vaccination status.

Development work continues to launch the interim solution which will enable fully vaccinated Islander's entry into relevant public venues or activities in France. Currently, Jersey's paper COVID Status Certification does not contain a QR code so does not work with the French system for recognising vaccination status.

Minister for External Relations, Senator Ian Gorst, said: "We understand this will be an inconvenience for many people wishing to travel to France.

"We have close cultural ties with the French mainland, and we know that Islanders enjoy spending time in France in summer. Our teams are working hard to secure this interim solution and we would like to apologise for the delay."

Although there is a delay to the process, Islanders planning a trip to France will still be able to enter the country with their Jersey COVID Status Certificate and can request an interim QR code certificate as soon as they are available by calling the Coronavirus helpline on 0800 735 5566.

Islanders who are already in France, or arriving before the 15 August, can apply through the French system: Applying for a COVID certificate if you were vaccinated abroad (procedure for non-EU tourists)


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