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Fresh affordable housing solution for essential workers in Jersey.

Key workers relocating to Jersey will be offered lower cost transitional accommodation for one year.

After a year, staff will be offered help to find homes in the private sector.

Health and community workers currently using the accommodation would be helped to move out and given up to £1,000 towards expenses, the government said. It added that the move would improve recruitment, retention of key workers, and also bring in new skills.

As part of the move, 45 workers in health and community services, who were permanent residents in Jersey and had been in subsidised accommodation for more than a year, were to receive assistance to move into the private sector, the government said.

'Priority roles'

Announcing the new service on Wednesday, the government also said it was bringing in a relocation company to help the occupants find new accommodation and it was contributing up to £1,000 to the cost of moving. Chief people and transformation officer Mark Grimley said the vast majority of homes were "only ever meant to be transitional" while staff found their own accommodation.

"We've written to staff in the temporary properties to let them know what's happening and reassured them of the support in place to help them move," Mr Grimley added.

New employees moving into "priority roles", where their skills cannot be found elsewhere on the island, will be offered access to the service.

The enhanced relocation offer will provide them with one, two or three-bed government-owned or leased properties at rates typically below those in the private sector.

After a year, staff will have to find homes in the private sector. Key workers would be expected to pay 80% of the market rate for the first six months and 90% for the following six months, the government said.


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