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CCTV to measure use of Jersey protected areas

CCTV cameras have been put up at a number of protected areas in Jersey to record who is using the sites.

The Natural Environment department wants to know how many dog walkers, horse riders and runners use the paths. Julia Clively, senior environment officer, said the cameras had been placed at ground level so would not identify people. They would "give us a better indication about how many people use the sites and what they use them for".

She said: "We welcome visitors, but we obviously have a bit of a delicate balancing act.

"We have to make sure that we manage for the ecology and biodiversity of the site while still encouraging people to come and visit these beautiful areas."

Camera sites like Les Blanches Banques are protected as Natural Sites of Special Interest (SSIs), which get legal protection for their natural heritage. Ms Clively said: "For example, we're looking at the bridle path here and on the dunes which have been here for a long, long time.

"We don't know how many horses are still using the path, so it gives us information.

"If there are less horses using it, it might be resources are better targeted elsewhere."

There are four cameras at Les Blanches Banques which will be moved around the site.

She said: "We're very compliant with the data protection regulation, so the cameras are purely for counting people."They don't identify people, they are all at ground level, so we can identify people's feet and we can identify paws so we know what sort of users we're looking at.

"We just want to know who's here and what they are up to because that helps us better manage the site."


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