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Wellbeing digital library created for Jersey

A digital library for islanders to "help choose the best health and wellbeing app" has been created by the Government of Jersey.

The library will provide apps such as how to manage staying active and mental health management. The government worked alongside the Organisation for the Review of Care and

Health Apps (ORCHA) to create it.

Director of Public Health Prof Peter Bradley said it would help islanders "live healthier lives".

He said: "This is a fantastic project that will empower and support Islanders in managing their own health and wellbeing.

"Islanders will have opportunities to find and compare a variety of health apps, with the assurance that they are secure and safe to use while meeting clinical safety standards, allowing them the choice to find the solution that best suit their needs."

Apps available have been assessed by ORCHA against "350 standards, including stringent data protection and clinical safety measures", the government said.


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