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Water quality concerns remain near Jersey beach

Public health officials say seawater quality at Grève de Lecq has improved enough to allow ocean swimming - although concerns remained over the water quality of the local stream.

It is believed a blockage at a sewage pump meant an overflow was washed into the sea, leading to high levels of E. coli bacteria earlier in May. Engineers fixed the problem and the seawater is now rated as excellent, with swimmers now able to enter the sea.

However, samples taken from the stream and outfall were still classed as "poor" and people have being advised not to enter the water in that particular area.

Environmental and Consumer Protection are also advising pet owners not to allow their animals to drink from the stream. Public Health say signage will be removed from the beach entrances, but new signage will go up specifically at the stream.

A full investigation into the cause of the high levels of E. coli is continuing.


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