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Vaccine programme reaches 20,000 doses

The latest COVID-19 vaccination statistics (as at Sunday, 7 February) show more than 20,000 first doses have been given to priority groups representing the Islands most vulnerable.

As of Sunday, 7 February:

• 21,007 doses of the vaccine have been administered • 17,829 Islanders have received their first dose • 3,178 Islanders have received both doses • 96% of Islanders aged 80+ have received their first dose • 94% of care home residents have received their first dose • 80% of care home residents have received their second • 88% of Islanders aged 75-79 have received their first dose • 78% of Islanders aged 70-74 have received their first dose

Vaccine Programme Lead, Becky Sherrington said: “I am extremely proud of how far we have come, and I am extremely appreciative to have such a dedicated and professional team. We are in a very strong position to continue protecting our most vulnerable members of Jersey’s community against COVID-19.

“We have exceeded initial targets of vaccinating the over 80s, with 96% now having received their first dose. The success of the programme is testament to the vaccination team but also family members, friends and others in the community who have supported those getting vaccinated so far. This milestone marks a significant amount of work and represents real lives which will have been saved as a result.”

Statistics show that more than 15% of the Island’s population has now received the first dose and the programme remains on target to vaccinate all over 50s by the end of March.

Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Richard Renouf said: “It is very encouraging to see a big uptake in the vaccine among Islanders and the progress that is being made to protect Islanders health.

“Our vaccination team is working incredibly hard to deliver this vaccine programme so that we can protect our most vulnerable Islanders. As we move through the vaccination tiers, I urge all Islanders who are eligible to book their appointments as soon as they can. It is also important to remember to follow the Public Health guidance, even after Islanders have received their vaccinations.”

Vaccine appointments for those categorised as being at moderate risk will be available in stages from next week and those aged 65+69 can continue booking appointments.

Islanders can access the booking system online at or call the helpline on 0800 735 5566 or 445566 to book an appointment.


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