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Tree clear-up in Jersey from Storm Ciarán will take a year

It will take more than a year to clear up the tree damage caused by Storm Ciarán, the States of Jersey has said.

The storm, on 1 and 2 November, caused a huge amount of damage, with trees blocking roads, footpaths and causing three parks to close. Specialist equipment has been brought in from the UK to remove fallen trees safely and as quickly as possible.

Nick Armstrong, who is in charge of trees for the States, said it was "going to be a long job".

Nesting season He said: "Going by previous storms, I would think we are going to be mopping up for a good year." He said work might have continue into nesting season in March.

He said: "Then ... a lot of trees that have been earmarked to be removed might not be able to be removed until the next season, which starts again at the end of August.

"It is going to be a long job."

The States had been focussing on getting larger roads reopened, but some smaller parish routes remained blocked, he said. The railway walk also remains closed due to fallen trees.


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