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Town bus service introduces dedicated stops

A bus service on the island is changing its operations for passengers.

LibertyBus announced that its TownLink service will now stop at designated locations on its route around St Helier starting Tuesday.

Previously, passengers could hail and board the bus from any point along its journey since the service began two years ago. The service connects central parts of the town, including the waterfront, library, and hospital.

This change coincides with the company's announcement that some services will be fare-free until the end of the month as part of Alternative Transport Week.

Routes 20 and 24 will be free of charge until May 31, LibertyBus said. 'Important service' Kevin Hart, managing director of LibertyBus, explained that the change aims to encourage more people to use public transport.

LibertyBus is operated by Tower Transit UK in partnership with the Government of Jersey.

Constable Andy Jehan, Minister for Infrastructure, described the bus as an "important service."

"We need to ensure islanders can get around town with ease and convenience, and the TownLink service connects many of our key landmarks," he said.


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