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Supermarket Sale 'May Benefit Shoppers'

The Jersey Consumer Council has indicated that SandpiperCI's sale of most of its supermarket franchises could be advantageous for consumers. WM Morrison Supermarkets Limited aims to acquire the Morrisons Daily, Iceland, and Checkers Xpress stores in Guernsey and Jersey, along with Le Cocq's in Alderney.

Consumer Council chairman Carl Walker stated, "Previously, three supermarket brands were owned by one franchisee, but now two of those will be transferred to a major international retailer. This could potentially increase competition, benefiting consumers."

SandpiperCI announced that its store-based employees would transfer to Morrisons' payroll, although some office-based staff might face redundancy.

The transaction requires approval from the economic regulators in Jersey and Guernsey before proceeding. If approved, the sale is expected to be completed by July.


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