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Standard of Living 'Crucial' in Children's Plan

Jersey's government has launched a new plan to "support the wellbeing and safeguard the welfare of children and young people".

The aim of the Children, Young People and Families’ Plan is for all children and young people in Jersey to be healthy and happy and able to learn and achieve.

It also aims for a decent standard of living, for children to be safe and loved and included, respected and valued.

Minister for Children and Families, Constable Richard Vibert, said the plan had been put together "mainly" by children and standard of living was a key area.

Children wanted to live in a home that was a good standard, he said.

"I have helped a family that urgently needed a home and there were none available at that time so that's one of the key things," he said.

Free school meals would also be available in all non fee-paying secondary schools by the end of the year, he said. "We need to have equality of education across our schools and I think in general we achieve that," he said.

"We also want to increase people's standard of living so moving to a living wage instead of a minimum wage is something I want to see. "I know it's difficult for businesses and we would have to help those businesses but I think standard of living is key."

The minister said the plan would "spotlight on specific areas of need" and "encourage cross-departmental working".


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