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Speed Limit Changes effective immediately

New speed limits have been put in place for roads around the parish. See the list of changes below;

La Rue des Varvots and La Rue de la Golarde from 40mph to 30mph Le Mont Sorsoleil, La Ruelle from 40mph to 30mph La Rue Rouge Cul from 40mph to 15mph La Longue Rue, La Rue des Bessieres from 40mph to 30mph. La Rue de la Ville au Bas, Le Pissot from 40mph to 30mph. La Rue de Haut from 30mph to 20mph Le Mont Cambrai from 40mph to 30mph Rue de Bas, Vingtaine Haut de la Vallée from 30mph to 15mph Ruelle de St. Clair, Le Mont Misere, Le Mont du Bu de la Rue, La Ruette Pinel from 40mph to 15mph Le Chemin des Moulins from La Route de St. Aubin to Ruelle de St. Clair from 40mph to 30mph


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