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Skatepark planned for Methodist church in St Ouen

A community group wants to convert a disused Methodist church in Jersey into an indoor skatepark.

The building in St Ouen has only been used for storage since the 1970s, and has been empty for about five years. A planning application has now been submitted by Skatespace which will be considered by the States. The people who are backing the application hope the facility would be largely used by children and young people.

Natalie Mayer is behind the proposal and said: "I've been campaigning for Skatespace for a few years.

"The outdoor facility at Les Quennevais is absolutely brilliant and it's incredibly popular, but when it's raining or it's wet you can't skateboard any more, so we need an indoor spot."

The outdoor skatepark opened in February and has proved popular. Hugh Lince from the Methodist community is supportive of the plans. He said: "For the last four or five years the building has been empty while the Methodists have looked around to find somebody who could make good use of the building.

"Everyone within the Methodist community will be pleased to see the building being used for the benefit of the community making it a living place rather than a storehouse.

"The trustees of the Methodist church have been looking for a long time for an appropriate tenant and this project is head and shoulders above anything that has come our way."

Ms Mayer hopes the facility would also encourage artists and creative young people.

She said:

"We would love to have a massive mural to just fill the whole space, we'd like to involve the local community in that, bring kids in painting.

"Skateboarding involves a lot of different things - often you gravitate towards filming skateboarding, photographing skateboarding, so we'd like to run film workshops and photography workshops".


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