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Service opens for COVID-19 vaccines to those with learning disabilities

​Individuals known to GPs and Learning Disability services, who have learning disabilities, are able to access their COVID-19 vaccine at the day service centre, Le Geyt, as part of a joint initiative with the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme.

This weekend, 20 and 21 February, and next Saturday 27 and Sunday 28, eligible Islanders can attend their COVID-19 vaccination appointment at Le Geyt Centre which will have combined members of the vaccination team and learning disability nurses, on site to assist and deliver the vaccines.

Head of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, Rebecca Sherrington said: “We have worked collaboratively with the Learning Disability team to arrange this service for Islanders which should help reduce any increased worries or uncertainty.

“The Learning Disability team have done a fantastic job in helping to enable and coordinate those who are eligible to receive their vaccines at Le Geyt and I thank them for their work in doing so and in ensuring the ongoing wellbeing of those due their vaccines. Of course, if Islanders so chose, they could still attend their appointment at Fort Regent or if appropriate, can book for a home visit.

“Our Operations Lead, Ross Barnes has worked with the Head of the Learning Disabilities Team and Learning disabilities Lead Nurse in planning this arrangement. Our duty executive will also visit the centre throughout the weekend for programme oversight.”

A comprehensive list of Islanders has been compiled by the Learning Disability team alongside Primary Care, to capture those who might be eligible for vaccination at Le Geyt.

Head of Learning Disability Team, Robert Gardner said: “The COVID-19 vaccination programme has brought significant relief to those who are classed as being higher risk.

“Thanks to this arrangement with the COVID-19 Vaccination Team, our service users can be as comfortable and confident in receiving their vaccine at Le Geyt which is both practically appropriate but also familiar, with recognised people which will all contribute to helping reduce uncertainty.”

COVID-19 vaccinations are now open to those aged 55-64 who are clinically at risk (Moderate Risk). The next clinically at risk group (45-54) will receive letters tomorrow advising them to book for appointments from Monday 22 February.

If Islanders believe they have conditions which means they are at clinically at risk (Moderate Risk) but do not receive a letter, they should check the guidance for those at higher risk for advice. If there are still concerns, they are advised to contact their GP.

Islanders can book their vaccination appointment online or by calling the free Coronavirus helpline on 0800 735 5566.


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