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Proposal for link between Jersey and France

Research has been undertaken by Jersey's government to determine whether the island should seek to build a tunnel or bridge to France.

Ministers believe a fixed link to the continent could secure supply routes and boost the economy without increasing the population. No decisions have been made and there is no timescale for action to be taken.

The idea forms part of a new government plan in Jersey for sustainable economic growth.

The proposal said productivity could be increased through the establishment of new sectors and by existing industries conducting business differently.

'Potential benefits'

The idea is one of a number of alternative suggestions with the aim of ensuring economic growth. Deputy Kirsten Morel, Minister for Sustainable Economic Development, said it was "really important" for the government to "look at the feasibility of commuting from France".

He added: "Ultimately, you do come to the question of - do you want a fixed link, whether that's a bridge or a tunnel?"

He said he thought there would be "potential benefits from a supply chain perspective, from an economic perspective" and he added that such a link could "definitely have tourism impacts".

He said there were negatives too, such as uncertainty around the "effect on housing and people's sense of wealth in the island". Mr Morel added: "What would it do to that island mentality of - we're an island, we know where our borders are and where they stop.

"I could not tell you right now whether it's a good idea or not but what I do think is a good idea is to properly look at that."

Mr Morel said he had not yet held discussions with French authorities.

He added Jersey's government would not be considering establishing a fixed link with Guernsey.


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