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Prison Governor Nick Watkins retires

Acting Prison Governor, Nick Watkins, has retired after more than 32 years with the States of Jersey Prison Service (SoJPS) having been Deputy Governor for six years and Governor for the last 12 months in an acting capacity.

During his time at HMP La Moye, Nick has been involved with launching a number of initiatives and units including setting up the vulnerable persons unit, introducing digital technology to the service and the prison's development programme.

He is also credited with using the cell telephone system to supplement the work of the Samaritans using peer support.

While working in the SoJPS, Nick was also involved with the development of an electric locking system, one that has now been deployed internationally in a number of prisons across other jurisdictions.

Nick Watkins said: "I have had a fulfilling and rewarding career at HMP La Moye and I believe I have come out a better person because of those that I have had the privilege to work with and look after. Indeed.

"I could not have achieved the things I have and the personal achievements that I have without the support of my family, who have lived the journey with me, I owe them a great deal."

"Jersey is blessed to have hard working, compassionate, and caring staff who embrace the opportunity to make a positive difference for Islanders in the prison."

Minister for Home Affairs, Connétable Len Norman said: "Nick has been a great asset to the Island's prison service and I want to thank him for all his hard work and his contributions that continue to make La Moye Prison a safe and secure establishment where prisoners have the opportunity to rehabilitate."


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