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Portuguese man o' war spotted on Jersey beaches

Islanders are being reminded to be cautious after two separate discoveries of a Portuguese man o' war.

One was spotted on Greve d'Azette beach on the south-east coast and another on Ouaisné Bay in the south on Sunday. The marine organisms, siphonophores, look similar to jellyfish and live at the surface of the water - using long tentacles to capture prey.

Jersey Coastguard advised islanders to "avoid touching" any of the creatures "as their stings can be painful".

It also said dog owners should take care and prevent their pets from approaching the creatures.

Islanders who spotted one have been advised to report any sightings to the Environment and Consumer Protection, external and to not touch them if they wash up ashore.

The last reported spotting of a Portuguese man o' war was on St Ouen's beach in September 2023.


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