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"Police Issue E-Scooter Warning Following Two Crash Injuries"

Two crashes involving electric scooters in Jersey has prompted a warning from police.

Insp Callum O'Connor, from States of Jersey Police, said e-scooters posed a "significant risk" and their use on public roads remained illegal.

A 12-year-old boy was flown to hospital in Southampton with a head injury on Saturday after a crash on La Route de St Aubin. The next day a 26-year-old man also suffered a head injury after crashing into a car. Police said both had been riding e-scooters.

Insp O'Connor said the force was "closely monitoring developments and regulations" in other jurisdictions but their use was still illegal in Jersey. "In Jersey, the use of e-scooters remains illegal on public roads, pavements, and other public spaces," he said.

"The only exception is their use on private land, with the landowner's permission."

He said the primary concern with e-scooter use in public areas included "the potential for collisions, injuries, and conflicts with pedestrians and other road users". "These devices can reach significant speeds, and without proper infrastructure and regulation, their use poses a significant risk," he said.

He said the force's priority was to protect all road users. "We will continue to take appropriate action against those who use e-scooters illegally in public spaces," he said.

"We also encourage residents to report any instances of illegal e-scooter use to the police."


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