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Plans to improve Jersey's rental market released

A series of policies to improve Jersey's rental market has been published by the government.

The Fair Rents Plan includes reinstating the rent control tribunal, which would allow tenants to appeal to an independent body if they believed their rent was excessive.

The housing minister said it also outlined reducing rents in the social sector.

Deputy Russell Labey said housing should be accessible to all.

'Reducing rents'

Alongside Andium, the States-owned affordable housing company, the government will manage the new social rents policy in which rent is capped at a maximum of 80% of the market rate.

Minister for Housing and Communities Deputy Russell Labey said: "This plan outlines just how we're reducing rents in the social sector, while also expanding the eligibility criteria for social housing.

"We've also put forward our plans to give private sector tenants better recourse against unfair rent increases, and set out a framework for strengthening the residential tenancies law."

The government also wants to lower the age islanders without children can access subsidised homes.

Leader of Reform Jersey and previous housing minister Senator Sam Mézec has criticised the plan, saying "we have not been given the detail we were promised".

He said: "The plan makes the welcome announcement that a rent control tribunal will be re-established, but fails to provide any extra detail on enhancing security of tenure for tenants, and does not commit to putting rent stabilisation in legislation."

Senator Mézec added: "Right now there can be little confidence that this plan will have a particularly positive impact in dealing with the outrageous cost of housing in the private rental sector."


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