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Plans to improve a St Peter’s bus stop

A Ministerial Decision has been signed to create a pavement and bus shelter opposite the Mont Fallu junction, on the northbound route towards St Peter's Village.

The work will begin on La Route de Beaumont in approximately six weeks and is estimated to take eight weeks. Jersey civil engineering contractor, Brenwal Ltd will carry out the work.

The aim is to make it safer for passengers waiting at the stop and encourage more Islanders in that area to use the bus service as part of our Sustainable Transport Policy framework (a strategy aimed at getting Islanders to make more sustainable travel choices).

The current wall separating the field from the road will be dismantled, and a new granite wall will be built further back from the road. A two-metre-wide pavement will be created using part of the field that the landowners donated to the public.

To allow the work to be carried out, there will be temporary traffic lights as the north-bound carriageway will be closed.

Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Kevin Lewis said: "I am pleased that work is set to begin to make improvements to this bus stop in St Peter, as part of the wider Sustainable Transport Policy.

"Both school and public buses use the north-bound bus stop regularly, so creating a pavement and bus shelter will improve the safety of passengers and hopefully encourage more Islanders to take the bus instead of using their cars.

"I would like to thank the landowners, Dunell's Limited, for their generosity and willingness in providing the land needed, and to the Tenants of the Marsh (a parish group), who have kindly donated £25,000 towards the shelter."


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