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Phase 2 of #RefuseAbuse

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

With the successful launch of the #RefuseAbuse awareness campaign in March, as with most things in 2020, Covid-19 interrupted this campaign. Undeterred, working with the fantastic team at Le Masurier, the Parish of St Helier and MBM Services, Jersey Women’s Refuge is proud to continue to roll out their powerful #refuseabuse campaign.

Jersey Women’s Refuge is Jersey’s only independent Domestic Abuse Charity which has been supporting local families since 1988. Launched with support from Soroptimist International Jersey, Jersey Women’s Refuge provides a safe place for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. Providing a 24/7 service, in 9 months from January 2020 to September 2020 we have assisted 312 women and children both through our Refuge and also Outreach service and group support.

Building on the successful launch at International Women’s Day breakfast in March supported by Barclays, thanks to continued support from Le Masurier and agreement from the Parish of St Helier, St Helier rubbish bins from Charing Cross to Snow Hill and beyond are furnishing the #RefuseAbuse campaign. The charity hopes Phase 2 of #RefuseAbuse will remind families who may need support that Jersey Women’s Refuge is an independent domestic abuse charity offering outreach services and a place of refuge too. If you are living with abuse, Jersey Women’s Refuge is here to offer advice and support.

‘Notwithstanding the continuation of these strange times we are pleased to be able to continue the roll out of the #RefuseAbuse’ campaign commented Ben Robins, Chairman, Jersey Women’s Refuge. ‘We cannot thank Le Masurier enough for having the vision to continue to support the thought provoking #RefuseAbuse campaign. Their funding helps us develop compelling communications to remind Islanders we are here to help in their darkest hour and provide support as things get better,’ explained Ben Robins, Chairman, Jersey Women’s Refuge. ‘These campaigns are vital to help us reach out to those who may need our services especially during these unprecedented times.’

‘It is a pleasure to continue to support this unique local charity’ explained Brian McCarthy, Managing Director, Le Masurier. ‘Now more than ever, as a community we need to ensure we are looking out for each other and supporting where we can. We hope this campaign reminds anyone who might need support of the vital work of Jersey Women’s Refuge #RefuseAbuse.

Do look out for our #RefuseAbuse campaign on every rubbish bin in St Helier from November thanks to the fantastic team at the Parish of St Helier. A huge thank you to the team at MBM Services who continue to collect the Island’s refuse in our #RefuseAbuse Refuse Collection Vehicle.

As the Christmas period and 2021 approaches, Jersey Women’s Refuge are getting prepared to support families who are still experiencing the impact of COVID-19 and cannot feel safe in their homes.

To learn more about the work of Jersey Women’s Refuge please contact:


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