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Parish votes to join household recycling

Parishioners in St Ouen have voted to introduce household recycling collection in the Parish, 25 voted for, eight against and there was one abstention.

St Ouen will be the ninth Parish to provide household recycling collections which will allow residents to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and metal packaging from their doorstep.

Connétable Richard Buchanan said: “I am delighted that parishioners have voted to make recycling easier for everyone in the Parish, even though our recycling banks at the Parish Depot are popular, many are unable to use these facilities. Now, the opportunity to recycle is accessible to all. We are hoping the scheme will start early in the new year.”

Deputy Kevin Lewis, Minister for Infrastructure, said: “By agreeing to take part in household recycling collections more people will have the opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. Our choices as individuals can make a difference as we change our behaviours and the way we think about waste. I’d like to thank parishioners for their time and commitment in helping to help reduce waste and to recycle as much as possible, it’s another step towards saving the world’s precious resources.”


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