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New road system delayed

Plans to convert a road from a two-way road to a one-way street in St Helier have hit a roadblock as local residents rally against the proposed change. The controversial decision, aimed at improving traffic flow and safety, has been postponed following the submission of a substantial petition signed by concerned islanders.

The proposed road alteration, which would have seen St John's Road transformed into a one way route, garnered considerable attention from locals. However, opposition to the change grew steadily, culminating in the submission of a petition containing over 700 signatures – a remarkable display of collective dissent.

In June, the three-month pilot was announced for late summer and an exhibition on it was held at the town hall.

To ensure the trial's impact could be evaluated in a structured way, the start date has been moved to October from the end of August, the government said. It said this would allow for more traffic flow, air quality and active travel surveys to be carried out prior to the trial.

Deputy Tom Binet, minister for infrastructure, said: "This small stretch of St John's Road has long been a concern, as it's particularly narrow for two-way traffic and the pavements are also exceptionally slender.

"We want to see if the situation can be improved for St John's Road residents, and those who walk in the area. "We've listened to the initial feedback about the scheme - both supportive comments and people's concerns - and we want to be clear about any benefits or issues at the end of the trial." Motorists and residents would have advanced notice before the trial begins, the government said.


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