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New Jèrriais teachers appointed

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Three qualified teachers have been appointed to the Jèrriais Teaching Service in line with the Government Plan pledge to support Jersey’s native language.

The new teachers will join the existing team at L’Office du Jèrriais and will support the expansion of the programme to teach Jèrriais to children and adults throughout the Island.

The Jèrriais Language Strategy 2021-2024, due to be published shortly, outlines the aims for the revitalisation of the language over the coming years, with the growth of the teaching service being central to bringing Jèrriais to a wider audience.

The team will teach Jersey’s indigenous language in primary and secondary schools and will deliver adult classes, as well as helping to promote the language.

Jèrriais Head of Service, Ben Spink, said: “We had a very high calibre of applicants for these roles, so I’m delighted to welcome three well-qualified and enthusiastic teachers to the team. They have a wide range of skills and experiences and will enable us to move forward in an exciting way with our plans to revitalise our precious Jèrriais language.”

Minister for Children and Education, Deputy Jeremy Maçon, said: “Jèrriais is a vital part of our cultural heritage and it is essential that Jersey’s young people have the opportunity to learn our local language.

“Learning Jèrriais can bring cognitive benefits, whilst instilling a sense of belonging in islanders of all ages, and the expansion of the Jèrriais Teaching Service means that this fundamental aspect of our island identity can continue to survive and thrive.”

Two of the new teachers will take up their roles after Easter, with a third starting in September. Their first task will be to learn the language with the support of the existing team and native Jèrriais speakers.

Following this, they will shadow the existing teaching team before taking responsibility for their own classes, as well as becoming involved in a variety of promotional activities.


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