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New Homes And Village Park Planned For St John

The parish is seeking planning permission to create a new memorial park in the heart of St John's Village.

The existing twinning stone and parish war memorial would be moved to a new open space on a field opposite the church and Parish Hall. It's not the only development planned for the parish. A field adjacent to the primary school has been earmarked for 16 new homes, and a sports field that the school can use.

The plans for the first-time-buyer homes - from a private developer - are being met with some opposition.

On Facebook, members of Extinction Rebellion Jersey say 'the loss of a greenfield will be the first of many' across the island. Constable Chris Taylor says it's important his parish does what it can to tackle the housing shortage: "It's providing sixteen important first-time or affordable homes for youngsters of the parish. It's also providing a very badly-needed play area and football pitch for the school. It's got less green space for the children to play on than any other primary school on the island. It's not acceptable nowadays that there's nowhere for the children to run around, let off steam and enjoy themselves.

By creating the car park we're creating a safer environment to drop the children off. At the same time we're creating a memorial garden for people to sit and relax. It involves moving the war memorial slightly to the west where it can become more prominent, because at the moment it's beside of the road. When we have our memorial service (on the 11th November) each year the congregation is stood in the road, which isn't ideal."


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