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New Conference Room Established for Off-Island Medical Care Needs

Jersey families whose children need medical care in the UK have a new meeting room.

Family First, which helps local people who have to leave Jersey get medical treatment for their children, said it needed a child-friendly base to do its work more effectively.

Jersey Hospice provided office space in its King Centre, which is more accessible and has a children’s play area. Family First said more than 200 families needed off-island treatment every year and they required more than just plane tickets.

Aidan McAvinue, Family First's chairman, said families needed financial support, childcare and logistical support. The charity said its aim was to keep their stress to a minimum, adding: "When your child is sick the whole world stops." He said of the new space: "It's a safe environment and professional environment with the support of hospice."

Mike Palfreman, the chief executive of Jersey Hospice, said it was vital for charities to work together amid the rising cost of living.

One woman who has benefited from the help of Family First is Kaitlin Rudd.

She experienced an unexpected placenta abruption, requiring a number of blood transfusions, when she was 38 weeks pregnant. Her son Arlo was flown to Southampton for further treatment with Ms Rudd flown two days later.

She said she was relieved the charity was there for her.

“It’s like a relief knowing that there is someone there you can speak to," she said.

"You’ve always got family and friends but it’s different to have someone else that deals with families like this all the time so they get it."


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