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New approach to tackling neglect

Social workers, teachers, health visitors, nurses, youth workers, and police officers will be better-placed to identify and tackle signs of neglect in children by using a new tool, which is being launched by the Government on 10 December.

In Jersey, neglect is a factor in 75% of the cases that come to attention of professionals. The Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) provides an objective, evidence-based way to measure and monitor neglect, and can support parents and carers to meet their children’s needs.

GCP2 is being adopted as part of the Neglect Strategy, which has been developed by the Safeguarding Partnership Board, and which will be launched January 2021.

To use the tool, practitioners will work with parents and young people to look at four areas (physical care, safety, emotional care, and developmental care), and rank how well carers are meeting their child’s needs on a scale of one to five.

GCP2 will also help practitioners to identify when a child is at risk of harm, and intervene accordingly.

The tool will be introduced to key staff in late November and early December. These colleagues will go on to train colleagues in the Government of Jersey, States of Jersey Police and all professionals working with children and young people.


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