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More than a third of Islanders fully vaccinated

The COVID-19 Vaccination Programme is making positive progress with just over half of all Islanders (all ages) having received one dose, and more than a third of all Islanders having received two doses.

There has been a high uptake of first dose vaccinations from Islanders aged 30-39. In just over a week of appointments being available (Saturday 8 – Sunday 16), 49% of Islanders aged 35-39 received their first dose.

Within two days of appointments being available (Saturday 15 – Sunday 16) statistics show that 16% of Islanders aged 30-34 received a first dose of the vaccine.

Key figures this week:

  • 65% of Islanders aged over 18 have received a first dose

  • 46% of Islanders aged over 18 are fully vaccinated

  • 87% of Islanders aged 60-64 fully vaccinated

  • 76% of Islanders aged 55-59 fully vaccinated

  • 46% of Islanders aged 50-54 fully vaccinated

  • 93% of care home residents are fully vaccinated

  • 77% of Islanders aged 45-49 have received a first dose

  • 69% of Islanders aged 40-44 have received a first dose

  • 49% of Islanders aged 35-39 have received a first dose

  • 16% of Islanders aged 30-34 have received a first dose

  • 90.32 doses per 100 people in population

Head of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, Becky Sherrington, said: "It is incredible to see that nine out of ten Islanders aged over 50 have received at least one dose of the vaccine. I'd like to urge the small number Islanders aged over 50 who are still left to get their first dose, to book in as soon as possible. Following the advice from the JCVI earlier this week, we have reduced the interval between doses, so Islanders should expect their second dose five to seven weeks after their first.

"We have also seen a fantastic uptake of the vaccine from Islanders in their 30s. Almost half of Islanders aged 35-39, have received their first dose of the vaccine. This vaccination programme continues to be an important means of protection from COVID-19 and we are vaccinating at pace which puts us ahead in the vaccination rates, however we are limited by the vaccine availability so I would urge people to book as soon as they can, to ensure you get vaccinated and continue to keep Jersey safe. I'd like to thank everyone who has attended to get their vaccines, by working together as a community we are protecting our Island as well as ourselves."

Islanders can book online at or call the helpline on 0800 735 5566 or 445566 to book an appointment.

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