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More Jersey police officers could be armed with tasers

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

More Jersey police officers could be allowed to carry tasers, if politicians agree.

Currently only authorised firearms officers can carry them.

The proposition suggests an eight-month trial allowing officers who were not firearms trained to use the tasers as a 'less lethal' weapon. Tasers would be introduced to uniformed officers who had completed a taser course (to the national standard) and their probationary period.

The proposition was originally put forward in 2020 by then Home Affairs Minister Len Norman.

The current Minister of Home Affairs Deputy Gregory Guida has resubmitted the proposal.

He agreed to report back after the trial focusing on the number of times a taser had been used on under 18's, ethnic groups and those with mental health issues.

The proposition said the use of a taser must "wherever practicable be recorded on a body-worn camera" with footage submitted, retained and logged from the incident.

The proposal is set to be debated in the States Assembly in February.


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