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Millions of unspent funds reallocated by government

The Jersey government has allocated £6.9m of reserves funding to address "emerging priorities" across the island.

Allocations include spending £1.9m on improving the island's sewage system and up to £2.7m on tackling health and community service waiting lists.

It said the reserves allowed the government to "react to unforeseen challenges". Deputy Ian Gorst, minister for treasury and resources, said £54m of the existing unspent 2022 capital programme would also be reallocated through the Government Plan.

He said: "The scale of challenges faced by the health department means that additional resource is needed to make sure there is adequate financial grip and control to deliver value for taxpayers.”

'Managing the unknown'

Mr Gorst said he would continue to monitor which departments needed funding. He said the general reserves would also be increased by £15.7m and an additional £11.4m would be carried forward to "reflect updated timings of spend on capital projects" such as Fort Regent.

A total of £23m will be released from the Government Plan to support the repayment of borrowing related to Covid-19, the government said.

It will also make £15.7m available to support estimated costs in relation to the island tragedies at the end of 2022.

In December, three fishermen died at sea and a residential block in St Helier collapsed, killing 10 people. Mr Gorst said the allocations would help the government "face the challenges ahead", and the reserves were key to "managing the unknown".

“As we emerge from the pandemic, we have been able to begin to reduce the level we need to hold in contingency, and we will have an ongoing focus on strong and prudent financial management by departments to manage expenditure within their cash limits."


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