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Lower rate to pay in social security contributions!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Islanders will see a 2% reduction in their social security contributions in Jersey for the next nine months, following a decision by the States.

Workers will pay 4%, rather than 6%, from the beginning of October until the end of June next year.

The self-employed will pay 10.5%, rather than 12.5%, over the same period.

Ministers said their proposals will boost the economy, by offering about 55,000 islanders what is effectively a 2% pay rise.

But Deputy Steve Ahier was concerned that employers' contributions will remain the same.

In response, ministers said the proposals should be considered as just one part of their £150m fiscal stimulus package announced in July.

Reducing social security contributions will cost the government £26m, with some States Members querying how that money will be recouped in future.

Others raised concerns islanders will save the extra money, or spend it online, rather than spending it locally.

But 40 States Members backed the proposals, while just five voted against them.


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