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Love Island could be in Jersey this summer!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Love Island bosses have the sunniest spot in the British Isles as a back-up venue to this summer's series. Usually, the show is filmed in Majorca, in a stunning Mediterranean villa.

But due to ongoing coronavirus travel restrictions, ITV has reportedly considered Jersey as an option.

One insider said: “The Channel Islands get plenty of sunshine so it makes sense to hold Love Island there if we can't get back to Spain.

“Either way we're going to put out a belting series. Viewers have missed Love Island for the whole of 2020 and they're desperate to have it back. They're going to love what we do, wherever we do it.”

Pregnant host Laura Whitmore has revealed that there is no shortage of wannabe contestants for this summer's series. She said: “We’ve had more applications than ever – there’s a lot of people that want to do Love Island and there’s a lot of people that want to watch it."

With the island averaging 250 hours of sunshine in June and July, ITV bosses believe the island to be a good back up option in case Majorca which typically has up to 350 hours of sunshine in early summer isn't possible. Last year both the summer and winter versions of Love Island were cancelled because of the pandemic.

At the time, ITV's director of television Kevin Lygo admitted: “Logistically it’s just not possible to produce it.”


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