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Level 1 guidance for sports

The Government of Jersey moved to Level 1 of the Safe Exit framework on 8 August 2020. The following guidance applies from this date.

Level 1 represents a move towards a ‘new normal’ and has within it some positive changes for sporting and physical activities, allowing some clubs and associations to return to play.

However, the final guidance for Level 1 is different to the draft version previously published and there are some higher risk activities (related to COVID-19 transmission) that remain severely affected, particularly; high intensity indoor activities; outdoor sustained close contact sports and close facing contact sports. Jersey Sport will therefore be working on behalf of sport and with each of these sports to look at what support is required.

The move to Level 1 only represents a small package of change and the Government of Jersey have stated “islanders should not assume any further relaxations following this point. As we are looking towards Autumn, on the understanding of COVID-19 at this time, the Government’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Cell (STAC) has advised we cannot be certain that conditions will remain safe – and accordingly further relaxation of public health measures cannot be assumed.”

Please also note that the Government of Jersey have announced there will be a significant step up in adherence and enforcement of public health guidelines.

At all times, please follow the Government of Jersey’s health advice.


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