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Jersey 'safe harbour' for wind farm ships

A growing number of ships serving the St Brieuc windfarm are using Jersey as a safe harbour, say port bosses.

Njord Offshore and Farra Marine, which operate the vessels, have also chosen Jersey to register their fleets. Ships with supplies, often shipped from Cherbourg, found St Helier to be a useful drop-off and transfer location, Ports of Jersey said.

The St Brieuc windfarm is sited 16km (10 miles) off Brittany and covers an area of 75 sq km (29 sq miles).

Assistant Registrar of Shipping for Ports of Jersey Pierre Chays said: "We are pleased to be able to offer practical and logistics support for shipping companies, their vessels and crew working on the St Brieuc windfarm.

"Ports of Jersey is proud to see a fleet of vessels contributing to this international operation using the Jersey Red Ensign. "This is a tangible link between a large-scale, neighbouring renewable energy construction programme and the island of Jersey."


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