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Jersey's Groznez lighthouse to become solar-powered

A lighthouse in Jersey is having its mains-powered light changed to a solar-powered LED as part of refurbishment works.

The work, at Groznez lighthouse, also involves the removal of an overhead power line that fed the navigation light, project managers said. Fencing around the site was also to be replaced, they added.

The £12,000 joint initiative by Ports of Jersey and Jersey Electricity is expected to be completed in a month. Advances in LED and solar technology for lighthouses in recent years would make the the colours of the light brighter and the intensity stronger, bosses said.

The lighthouse, which was built in the late 1940s and last refurbished six years ago, is an important aid to navigation for both commercial and local mariners, including warning of the Paternosters reef.

Public access to the headland, a Site of Special Interest, would not be affected by the works, project bosses said.


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