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Jersey’s first Public Estate Strategy published

The Island Public Estate Strategy 2021-35 provides the framework which will be used when determining how to meet completing needs for publicly-owned land and buildings. The framework will be used to develop detailed property and asset management plans which will enable Government of Jersey to make more informed choices about the utilisation of its estate.

The mission – the strategy’s purpose – is to provide and maintain a safe, compliant public property portfolio in a responsive, innovative and customer-focussed manner, and to balance commercial and community obligations, supporting continuous regeneration, a sustainable environment, and a vibrant economy.

The vision is to create a modern, efficient, effective, and sustainable public estate, under one corporate landlord, that supports and enhances our communities, and protects our Island’s future.

Deputy Kevin Lewis, Minister for Infrastructure, said: “We have long had an estate that has not been configured to allow for its most efficient use. The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our lives, and we will use the changes that emerge from it to help us to focus on economic recovery and a more effective and efficient use of our property.

“Our Public Estate Strategy reinforces many of the initiatives set out in the Government Plan, has been developed in tandem with the Island Plan, and takes account of the latest guidelines for property and estate management. The strategy can help us adapt to the new challenges we face; it will enable us to make more informed choices regarding how we use our assets.”

The Strategy will be presented to the States Assembly and then will come under governance of the Corporate Asset Management Board, whose primary objective is to oversee the implementation of the strategy and ensure that it supports long term ambitions of the Government.


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