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Jersey's chief minister faces no-confidence vote

Jersey's infrastructure minister has brought a vote of no confidence (VONC) in Chief Minister Kristina Moore.

Deputy Tom Binet said a change of leadership was needed, that "fractures" in the Council of Ministers, external had emerged recently, and that things were "only getting worse".

A year of disagreements and tension among ministers followed the resignations of the assistant chief minister Andy Jehan and the government chief executive Suzanne Wylie.

Ms Moore said "compromise is required" in a "large coalition government" and the Council of Ministers was looking "forward to rebuilding the team after the vote of no confidence".

After lodging the motion, external, Mr Binet resigned from his role and said he would stand for the job of chief minister if the VONC was successful.

His sister Deputy Rose Binet resigned as assistant health minister.

Constable Marcus Troy had taken over Ms Binet's role, Ms Moore confirmed.

In his proposition, Mr Binet listed a series of what he considered "failings" by Ms Moore.

He said "heady promises" from her had "failed to materialise" and that "good leadership" was vital for future challenges.

'Poor and inconsistent'

Claims of "toxic" behaviour from Ms Moore's top team were reported in March 2023, which Mr Binet noted - saying he was unhappy about her behaviour towards Ms Wylie, claiming she had treated her inappropriately.

He said Ms Moore's behaviour "in any other employment situation" would have very likely "led to firm disciplinary action".

Mr Binet also claimed the chief minister had tried to supress important details of the costs of the new hospital, calling it "nothing short of shameful".

He said Ms Moore had also wanted to reverse decisions to build the new hospital at Overdale - "despite all the evidence pointing, very clearly, to the contrary and agreement having been reached by all others involved".

Mr Binet said fractures in the Council of Minsters had emerged with "no sign whatever of matters improving", and that they "worsen by the week".

He said: "The past 18 months have been a depressing affair for many close to the centre of power, and this includes those involved from a civil service perspective.

"It has also been a time of disappointment for the people of Jersey."

'Rebuilding the team'

Ms Moore said the council was "disappointed" to receive Deputy Binet's resignation.

She said: "We are a diverse team around the table because we believe in listening and playing to people’s strengths.

"We have tried our best to work with Deputy Tom Binet, particularly because we believe that delivering the hospital project is one of the most important things the public want us to achieve, and we have a plan to do so.

"Our focus remains on doing just that, along with investing in our health and education services, supporting islanders through these challenging times, and delivering on our priorities: housing, the cost of living, and recruitment and retention, so that families can thrive in our strong island community."

States members are due to vote on the motion on 16 January.


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